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Volunteer and save a life!!

Have sometime over weekends and want to do something for homeless animals?? Come volunteer!! Join our different teams according to your interests. Drop by at our office tomorrow(2nd Dec) morning at 11am, register as a member and join our teams.

Leave us a msg on 9986413916. We are near  Devaiyapark(Srirampuram metro station is the closest landmark), Bangalore, India.

Register for Let’s Live Together’s Foster workshop.

Let’s Live Together is calling out to people who can open their heart and homes to the puppies we rescue for a short period of time(till they find a home). While Let’s Live Together takes full responsibility of the animal’s adoption, all the family needs to do is care for and nurture the puppies. This way the puppies are safe, off the street and the families get to experience living a puppy, at their homes. We invite you to Join Let’s Live Together’s Foster Team, get trained and strengthen your capacity to care for our rescued puppies.

Here are the details of the workshop:

Workshop Date: 8th October 2017, Sunday. Bangalore, India.

Time: 9am to 1.30pm. Venue: Energuate, Jayanagar Bengaluru


Dr Ishan Korgaonkar: An experienced veterinary surgeon from Goa.

Achala Paani: Founder Director, Let’s Live Together.

Workshop Topics:

•Understanding the dog population issue, animal shelter realities and Let’s Live Together’s foster program.

•Let’s Live Together’s foster procedure

•Basic puppy care, diet and training.

•Identifying sick puppies, symptoms of sickness.

•First Aid


•Communicative(zoonotic) diseases

•Importance of Spay and Neuter

•Question and Answer session.

Workshop Registration Fees: Rs1000/- per person. It includes registration, training by an experienced veterinary surgeon, foster manual and lunch. The fees will help us cover the workshop cost.

To Register for the workshop, please fill this form:


To Register for the workshop, people can call 9986413916, 9845881365, 9535142554 or write to workshopsatllt@gmail.com.

Thanking you,

Founder Director

Achala Paani

Let’s Live Together