FREE Sterilization camp for cats.

Bangalore’s Second FREE Sterilization camp for cats.


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After successfully sterilizing 56 cats in 5 days last month, Let’s Live Together Charitable Trust in partnership with Worldwide Veterinary Service, UK is conducting their 2nd sterilization camp for cats this May.

Let’s Live Together under it’s Program Humane Fix, is hosting a 5 Day FREE Spay and Neuter Drive(Animal Birth control surgeries) to promote spay/neuter as a humane and effective means of reducing the number of cats that get killed or going homeless every year.

A team of skilled Finnish veterinarians from (WVS) Worldwide Veterinary Service, will perform the spay and neuter Surgeries. The event has been specially planned for people who look after cats in and around their homes and offices and pet cats, to encourage responsible animal guardianship.

Let’s Live Together Cat sterilization Camp is,

FREE for Low income families

FREE for Community cats.

LOW COST for Pet owners. 

Let’s Live Toegther’s priority is to serve pet cats from low income families and homeless cats.

WHEN:  Event date: 20tho the 25th May 2018.

TIMINGS: 8am to 4pm.

WHERE: Let’s Live Together’s office.

No 30, Karthik clinic, 2nd cross, 3rd main, Devaiyapark(near srirampuram metro station).


Kindly fill this form up for registration

or mail us at  for more details.

WHY: Let’s Live Together firmly believes that animal are a community responsibility! There are thousands of free roaming cats in Bangalore, these cats are not always the offspring of homeless “street” cats—these are unwanted kittens abandoned by families who have unsterilized pet cats. Spaying and neutering is the only 100% proven way to reduce these numbers and save animals’ lives.

Apart from sterilizing the community cats, it is important for home cats to be spayed or neutered as well. Thus to encourage responsible ownership/guardianship were are offering FREE Spay and Neuter(animal birth control)for 5 days, in Bangalore.

Bhoomi :)

While our heart goes out to the thousands of puppies that go unseen and unnoticed every year, this is one such case that tore our heart apart. A puppy as tiny as her yet as brave as no other. This is the story of Bhoomi, a puppy Let’s Live Together rescued on the 28th of Jan, 2018. She was run over by a speeding truck and luckily made it alive while one of her siblings passed away. The people in the locality took her in and gave her shelter in their compound. When we found her, she was all rolled up in a corner with a completely smashed paw, So tiny, so fragile yet so brave. She was in deep pain and needed immediate medical care.

We took her in soon as we found her and rushed her to the hospital. The vet suspected her to be weak and suggested a blood test. Hours later the blood test revealed that she wasn’t fit enough for immediate surgery.

She needed a new dressing every second day and after 3 full weeks of homeopathy treatment her platelet count went up and we were able to get her surgery done. Sadly the doctor had to remove her entire front limb as there was no way of saving it.


She is safe with us now and will need months of care to completely stabilize.

If you wish to donate for her care:  Please donate through the link below.