Foster care



We got a panic call about these puppies being abandoned in front of a garbage dump. Two of them were taken by someone else. We arranged for a foster and got three of them picked up. Now they are safe finally and are being fostered by a lovely family.



It feels great to watch them be away from the rain, pelted stones and constant noise. It feels great to watch them feel loved. We can see these once abandoned and scared puppies flourish at our foster home. A foster home can save a life. There are many more adorable pups just like these longing for safety and love.To be a foster parent for Let’s Live Together contact us at 9986413916.

Humane Education


A happy ride from a school session.

We addressed about 60 children on adoption, puppy care and the sad truth about pet stores. The school teachers and kids enjoyed it and so did our team. Humane Education is the key to building a compassionate world.


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TCS World 10K Run, 2016

We ran for homeless paws  at the TCS World 10K run in Bangalore. A fun Sunday morning for Indian dogs. A huge thanks to everyone who ran with us for homeless paws.

For every puppy bought, a puppy on the street looses a home. Always adopt!