A peep into the world I love most!


 An Animal Activists since 9 years. A Vegan since the last 5 years. Started with animal welfare but over the years with my experience I have learned that the only way to really make that difference,that difference that I want to see, that difference that can make this world a better place for both man and beast is to “BE that diffrence”, to “SPEAK UP” for animals.My Animal work has made my life a lot more meaningfull.

If my mind,heart,soul and body unite in peace its’ with animals. I believe in sharing my world and living a cruely free life.
I took up Project : “Life on the street” as my graduation project , THAT HAS NOW CHANGED MY LIFE FOR EVER! The project so far has been beautiful and Life changing….I hope I reach out LOUD and CLEAR. Project : “Life on the street” is on the life of street animals. The people in my project are real animal angels who have made a difference in the lives of the homeless , helpless animals .
Through Project : “Life on the street”  I intend to protray the stories of the hundreds of pups that I helped get adopted  and the animals I have treated..that have come in because of ill health,  malnutrition, and all kinds of helpless situations .To go on inspite of the hurdles that come by and help animals on a larger scale, we need immence support from the people AROUND …To expand in an efficient manner and to be able to reach out to a lot more animals, it is extremely important to be “financially able” and this can happen  through support and donations from the people .. I have also designed calenders , mugs, stickers , greeting cards, bookmarks and carry bags for Lets Live Together that are for sale. The money from this completely goes for animals… please helpLets Live Together reach animals better.

     I truely hope my work helps create awareness and helps more animals in distress. If through my efforts I could sow a seed of compassion in the hearts of people , its al worth it:)


One thought on “A peep into the world I love most!

  1. Hello Achala,

    I need to know more about what you do and how you do it; see, i want to get involved in this too. Rescuing dogs/cats has been a ritual for me. Now, due to my work, I am unable to do it anymore. This in turn is making me a very un-happy prefessional. I need to know how one can get involved in a more systematic manner into rescuing street animals.
    My mail id is ashwini.kakkeri@gmail.com
    Awaiting your response.


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