Babe”My best buddy from college”

 [She’s been there all the time in college…always inviting you with a smile, instantly making you feel at home, loved and wanted…now, our little dog, Babe is in distress…a few days ago she met with an accident right inside our college premises and she is in intensive care at CUPA, hebbal now. She needs all the love, attention and care she can get from all of us…give her your time, please visit her…she would love to see you…she’s just like a friend in the hospital..she gets cheered up seeing friends…her treatment is going to cost a bit more than just money…its going to take time for Babe to get back to normalcy and walk again…the docters have given us all the hope and we are hoping that with your love, monetary contribution(how much ever you can) and maybe some time, we can get Babe back home to our college…college doesnt feel like college without her…please spread the word that Babe needs assistance and funds…she’s always been there for us.lets be there for her now!!]



        This was what I put up to get more people to visit her at the IUC. More than people visiting her,” I guess I wanted someone by me”. I was all alone, completely shattered. I probably was in worst of state ever. My best friend in the ICU and I din’t have a soul around to comfort me.

It was on JAN 19  that I got a cal from my college friends that a car ran over Babe a while ago and she was bleeding  severely , amd wasn’t leting anyone touch her. Guess I was called because Babe and Me were the best of friends for more than 6 yrs.She was my best buddy in college. I guess it was because of her that I finished  her 5 long years of college. Being an Activist is not quite a pleasure. “Most people around You have a problem because You speak up for what You think is right”.Its tough for them to accept You the way you are. Wel I have had tough times too.  Not a single day went by without Babe and patchy.They kept me going, they walked down with me for lunch fr 5 long years.They made my days went by we got closer than ever.It was a routine to hang around together.I could be  myself, I felft soo complete having them around.Every single day was a pleasure. They are the BEST things that happened to me in college. Not everyone gets that lucky, I had them following me every where I went. It was my pleasure.

That Call’ made me weak, I rushed to college to knw that she was already taken to CUPA. I panicked, My heart was so heavy already. Even before I knew it..I was tears! I wanted to run and reach her faster than time could.

I hadn’t felft so much pain in a long time.


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