away from hell!

The Doc called at 7.40 in the morn from asking me to take her home and I told  that I  ofcourse wil in the evening! I got up with a thought that I would be able to arrange fr the cage by the day..but as the day wen by I could see nothing come my way fr a cage!I got suuper worried by afternoon…for without a cage and  with 3 of my dogs, it is gonna be a task for sure to manage babe.
Thought of atleast making an alternative arrangement for a week and luckily found scrap in college too..n this was the worst to come, we went and asked our priciple if we could use old scrap fallen dead for our little college dog…[the dog who loves our college…for whome our college is home n life ] HE SAID NO! CAN U BEAT THAT??????????????!
WAT THE HELL……the least our college could do is atleast allow us to use old scrap..I expected a little compassion[I knew CKP sucked ] but this is heights!

Already about 4pm n we had to leave to get her back!n im glad navya n manju came along…would have ben tough if not fr them!
manju carried her al the way til the main road til i could finish wid the formalities. the bill came up too Rs1850 including her treatment, ARV n combined vaccine.I managed that.
came out got a rick, and reached home!She’s just too adorable..I really hope she gets well soon..10 dayz in the hospital’s intensive care…10 full days without PATCHY[im sure these would have been the worst days of her life]she’s seem so glad to be out , to be free, to breath easy…away from hostage n pain.

She’s home with me… Im glad to have her home, I hope she is too!Im crossing my fingers..this time is crucial and she needs to recover to get back to where she belongs soon!!!



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