CoPpER n CoKkIEe : brothers up for adoption

Looking for a wonderful family who could adopt our 2 lil babies CoPpER n CoKkIEe.

Please do check the photos of CoPpER n CoKkIEe.

CoPpER n CoKkIEe are 2 brothers up for adoption. These 2 puppies are extremely cute, healthy and are super naughty! But don’t have a home as yet.

They are brothers are we wish to find them a home that would take both of them together. They have been together for long time , and to be separated now would be a disaster for both!
Looking for someone whose willing to save a life and make a difference by adopting an INDIAN DOG! CoPpER n CoKkIEe  are INDIAN DOGs from the STREET! But they are with a foster mother right now, and cannot continue to be there for too long.

If you have the time and a warm heart for the lil buddies…do write to or call us at 9986413916 [Bangalore] to take a home a Bundle of Joy! They can give you all the love you could ever ask for and all they need is a home of their own and to be loved and wanted.
They would love you…like any other breed pup why wait????

YOU could touch the lives of lil CoPpER n CoKkIEe by passing this message on to as many people as u can, CoPpER n CoKkIEe deserve a wonderful home just like YOU and ME!

Spread the word to save them 🙂


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