CoPpER n CokKie GOT a “Home”

At last We made it! We found a wonderful Home! ‘Bhargav and Priya’ the couple and the kids make a Picture Perfect Family!A beautiful garden to add on to their new life…!The kids just seem to love the garden!

I hope My Sons make me proud! I’m gonna miss them Tons, I’m already   missing them 😦 but now I know…that they are 🙂 safe, away from the misery of the ‘Life’ on the street. Priya and Bhargav just made my day!Thanks a ton..for Adopting our Indian Pups from the street !


2 thoughts on “CoPpER n CokKie GOT a “Home”

  1. Achala, Thanks a ton for the pictures. Copper and Cookie(CoPpER n CokKie) are doing very well. We seem to be understanding each other well. More on them soon.

    Bhargav and Priya

    • Nice to hear from U,Bhargav!Im missing them Big time…!Glad that you guys are getting to knw each other.Hey where do make them sleep?I have their little plastic bin..where they would usually sleep,They would probably feel a little more at home with the bedding around for a few days.U could use it for a while til they grow out of it.Do let me knw.You could pick it up on ur way.

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