Ckp’s doggie back home!

I finally Did it 🙂 Going against them all who wanted me to put her down…! “BABE IS BACK IN COLLEGE”…she now can walk quite wel! I ONLY hope Ckp keeps her and the students in College FEED HER! These 6 months have been a fabulous Journey together, Im glad I got her HOME 🙂

Thanks a Million to everyone who prayed for her and my special thanks to all those who donated Money, Bundles and Bundles of Bedsheets[to change her bed n keep her dry], Newspaper, Biscuits, Health Tonixs…I think the list can go on coz at this moment I feel so greatfull to have been able to keep her at home and for this I THANK MY MOM the most … Read Morefor being my support through n through, Helping ‘Me’ keep stronge and for being “THE BEST DOCTOR EVER” Its her medicine that has made the miracle happen. Luv u amma!

Hey all u guys can visit her in college!BUt plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz go with some food for her…I plead!She wil not be able to go hunt fr food, outside college and her only sourse food wil be from the people in college!SO PLZZZZZZZ FEED HER, WEN U GO TO VISIT HER!

Thanks again,
Babe and Achu…!


2 thoughts on “Ckp’s doggie back home!

  1. Hey hello, thanks a ton for asking about my babe 🙂 thanks…Co-incidently I wisited her this morning …and she’s doing just great..!quite back to her life, I would say…accept that she doesn’t get food through a regular channel…looks like she has managed to find a way out 🙂 …she seems a lot active and happier than a few weeks ago..My heart is light! 🙂 its wonderful to see her getting back to life….!

    Just one lil thing that our other dog in college who was babe’s best buddy seems to have stil not got over the truma of not having her around fr 7full months…but im sure they wil soon get back together!

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