Greetings from “Lets live together” an aspiring individuals dream of an NGO for a humane cause. Please accept this as an invitation to be a part of OUR effort to form a humane society.

The coming Sunday that’s ‘the 19th of July 2009’ 10.30am. We From Lets live together are organising our 5th Volunteer’s meet . Come join in and HELP US BUILD A PLATFORM for Animal lovers in reaching Animals better.

Do be a part of this MEET which will enable us to spread more awareness and to portray the life of street animals on a larger scale. Lets live together would be honoured …
Come with friends, family and colleagues .

Lets live together’s Life time-Membership’s are open now for Animal lovers, Pet lovers and every individual wanting to make a difference.

The venue : No30, 3rd main , Karthika Clinic, Rammohanpuram, Bangalore -21 [near devaiya park, malleshwaram]
Sunday that’s ‘the 19th of July 2009’ at 10.30am.
CAL: 9986413916

Be there for animals!

Please circulate this message widely.



  1. Hi, unfortunately I accessed this information a bit too late. Just wondering whether it would be possible for you to share the key points of the discussions in the volunteer meet. In any case I am hoping to travel to your office tomorrow and pledge my support too.

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