Smart, Charming and Healthy!

Found him at about 12.30 pm last nite!One suuper friendly bugger…I think he deserves a good home!He needs a home!

He needs a home!


2 thoughts on “Smart, Charming and Healthy!

  1. I let this lil one go…!Realized that he was one free soul..and not meant fr the world of humans!. But for as long as he lives…I hope he lives a peacefull life away from this world of “HUMAN BONDAGE”. I let him go, I let him live free. All I hope is for people around to let him be, let him be the free soul he’s meant to be.

  2. So many people are unaware of what a dog really is, and this is because they are to busy to take the time to listen and learn. They are not stupid animals. They are in fact very caring and loving animals. When I got my dog almost five years ago she was a puppy that litle pup brought me from the deepest darkest corners of depression back out in the light to living again. Dogs know your feelings and they do what they have to inorder to help you. You have to only listen to them and watch them to understand what they are trying to say & what they need.. This woman is a saint she takes the time to care and help and I commend her for all the hard work and effort she puts forth for the sake of these dogs..

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