It hurts!

It hurts!, It hurts! to see so much cruelty around!There’s cruelty everywhere..every galli , every lane! It hurts bad that I am incapable of freeing the world from cruelty. It hurts real bad that I am a part of this injust too. Animals are taken for granted everywhere. It sucks..!BIG TIME! There’s not one place where a soul could live free.. “HUMAN BONDAGE EVERYWHERE”. 

     I wana cry out loud , there seems to be no escape! How I wish I could run away…I can’t stand to see soo much PAIN!. Godness, Imagine the ones going through…! ITS MADNESS EVERYWHERE, NO ONE BOTHERED! All lost in their own Damn! lives…Tears unseen, Pain unleft, Millions of lives around uncared and unnoticed, Cruelty Ignored …this is the great world we live in.  

     My heart sinks while I write…!I don’t like any of this thats happening!..I don’t like the world around, with so much pain and inhumanity. How far can one go..Is it soo hard to think beyond oneself. Is it soo hard to look beyond oneself..????? The world around IS A NASTY PLACE. It could change..IF only we look beyond  (thats all it takes) But y soo selfish , y soo lame, we humans are ??? I wonder… Doesn’t it hurt to see a soul in pain? Doesn’t it hurt to be the cause of the pain.???? I truely wonder…Y WE ARE?? !THE  WAY WE ARE??

Could someday the world be free ?? I hope and only hope , that day comes…!Enlightening lives, Igniting Minds..For a better world to be.I hope and only hope , that day comes…! A FREE WORLD to be for every soul, every seed.

   But I shall do my bit…! For here am , To be the change I wish to see! I can’t help but  pen it down and wait for the world to change! The change I wish to see…..!

        I hope and only hope , that day comes…!


11 thoughts on “It hurts!

  1. Oh I can so relate to this thot.
    I;m sure you are doing lots for the animals. Keep it going.. the wrld needs ppl like u:)

    • @ Apps ..Im so glad that you could relate to my thoughts, nice to knw.I would say that the world needs people like Us 🙂

  2. I could feel every word you wrote. Keep the faith, “that” day will definitely come…. I am sure the puppy adoption camp you have planned for August 16 will be a grand success. Truest, continue doing your bit….

  3. Shall i say “I understand what u mean”… it is frustrating at times to see that “superior species” are most intolerant…. dont get frustrated…not yet… there is lot to do…. i have been looking to get into helping our street dogs… have rescused several but everyday there is a new injured puppy somewhere…. i would like to know if there is anything i can do to help…. pls call on me… would really love to be a part of this… i came across ur link when i was searching for home for abused animals… i got to know that a pomorian puppy “adopted” is being ill treated… “karuna” organization takes 1000/- Rs everytime i leave a puppy there… cant afford that anymore :(… can u help me ?

    • Hello there, Thank you for your words of strength. There’s definately a lot more to do…
      Then again, the option of picking them from the street and leaving them in shelters in not the right thing I would say…If they are healthy and fit then they might as well live on the street, but when they are injured taking them to the shelter is fine.The dogs don’t really make it in the shelters because the infection rate is really high there. Adoption is definately better and I totally understand your words, not all of have the space to take in a million of them ,its for our society to change and get responsible! Its for every individual to get a little consious and do there bit.
      BUt next time u see a pup , please don’t leave it in the shelters..arrange for a foster home til the adoption, spread the word around…put up posters, ads all over. You sure can find a loving home.

      • For the pup that is being ill treated u can call in Cupa ANIMALS OFFICERS to look into the case.They deal with cruelthy cases.

  4. hey thanx for the response :)… well the sheltered pups were injured actually…. but from next time will keep the adoption concept in mind :)…. as far as the pup is concerned, they have given it away to a relative of thiers…

    • Harish ..nice to knw that u willing to adopt a pup..wil surely let u knw when we have our next camp.You can get ur family along ,choose a pup, fill a form ..we wil get the pup vaccinated, pay a some of Rs 400/- (that wil go as donation towards Lets Live Together to help n save more homeless puppies from the street) and u can take the pup home.

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