Tears unseen, Pain unleft, Millions of lives around uncared, unnoticed and Ignored …Its “TIME” to “BE HEARD”! COME SPEAK UP FOR THEM…..Come join “OUR MARCH FOR our INDIAN DOGS”.Show that you care….and get as many people as you can..! THIS TIME AROUND WE WISH TO MAKE A BIG BANG!Support us in anyway you can…LETS UNITE FOR OUR INDIAN DOGS!!!They deserve it………Don’t they??? Be there for THEM!

MARCH FOR DOGS” from 10am onwards Followed by our 3rd “PUPPY ADOPTION CAMP”back AT KARUNA OFFICE NEAR CUBBON PARK, KASTURBA ROAD, 12 AM TO 5.00 pm, SUNDAY THE 16th aug ’09.

                       “MARCH FOR HOMELESS Indian DOGS”

MRACH FOR INDIAN DOGS animal loversMarcher'sMarch!

  •                 “PUPPY ADOPTION CAMP”

Letslivetogether’s 3rd ADOPTION CAMP was a grand success – 15  of our puppies got adopted!

‘ Lets live together conducted its 3rd puppy adoption camp.  The camp had 15 Cute , Completely Vaccinated Healthy homeless pups for adoption and raised funds through special ‘Lets Live Together’ merchandise which will be on sale. Total success’!The whole bunch got adopted! THE ENTIRE CAMP WAS A HUUGE HIT…15 adoptions at one goo!
Thanks a million to all the people…who helped n sponsored ..!It was one suuper cool day.with all babies got lucky..!vaccinated them , dewormed them …n got them adopted too.
This is just a beginning of a fantastic journey ahead.Thank you guys for all ur support , we need tons more of it…

TV 9  covered us on Prime time news!

Abunch of rescued pups, all adopted now :)

lucky puppy..Happy family with their new found love.            



    • Its sure is God work Harish , not just Good work :)…
      Working for animals, preaching humanity and compassion is the ultimate religion..There’s is greater god than being humane …and if all of us endup preaching this…the world would sure be a wonderful places for all living beings.

    • Hey soo wonderful to finally hear from the muted specie itself :), its my absolute pleasure to work for u :)Lets Live Together would strive to the best of its abilities to speak for our “INDIAN DOGS” and its a word we shall always keep up!

  1. Thank u Debapriya,nice top knw that ur trying to help the halpless ones, sure!It would be my pleasure to have u as a part of Lets Live Together.Wil keep u posted about our upcoming events…

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