2010 Calendars for sale

NEW VERSION Calender 2010

We are coming up with our Calendar for the yr 2010.The calendar is full of puppies who have been adopted through Lets Live Together. Who’s lives have changed forever, We are hoping you would support us by buying our Calendars for the New Year to come and help us spread the message of “Joy in Saving Lives” to the larger audience..

For Individual orders : The price of each calendar would come up to Rs 200
For Bulk orders :
The price for each calendar comes to 150Rs each if placed an order in bulk and the minimum no of calendars that could be printed are 1000.The price could come down if we do print more than a 1000 copies. Your Company Logo would be printed in each of the calendars, these calendars thus reaching a larger segment of people would carry our message of adoption of our Indian dogs showing Your support for the Homeless Puppies.
“You Support can make Miracles Happen”.
The money raised would completely help us save many many more homeless puppies.
 You could cal me at 09986413916 for any detail.

10 thoughts on “2010 Calendars for sale

  1. hi! visited the blog first time.very good work. abt the calender,bulk means min how many pieces? i stay in mumbai can u send by vpp? how can it be done? me email id is: manik.godbole@gmail.com
    we r a grp of friends who volunteer for stray dogs but we do it on our own, we take help of ngo shelters, vets, ambulances etc as and when needed otherwise all first aid etc is done from our pockets.u can see my posts on indianpariahdog.blogspot, also my pariah pets.

  2. Hi I too am an animal lover and really feel for the homeless dogs and any animal in pain. I will do whatever i can within my means to help out. I am sure everyone will come out and do their bit to help you out. Iwould like to buy the calenders to help u out. Will u be able to send it by vpp? Iwill get back to u as soon as i get the orders from Kannur, Kerala.
    God Bless YOu for the good work that you are doing.

    • Hello SUguna..thank u for ur encouraging words and thanks a ton for helping animals 🙂
      hey i can sure send it by vvp…please do mail me ur on the calendar nos and ur address , u can do a bank transfer ..will send u the details.
      thank you.

  3. Are these wall calendars or desktop? If they’re desktop, I would need 5 nos. If they’re wall calendars, I need 3 nos.
    Where do I send the money? Who should the cheque favour? Would you post/courier the calendars to me?
    Will send you my address by email, once I hear from you.
    Thanks, Achala. Happy New Year and God bless.

  4. Hi Please send across one calendar for my office.
    also will be sending you a mail on our discussion.
    please send us a creative for your calendar ad..
    will mail the dimensions.
    all the best .. keep up the good work..

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