Mushii found a home :):P

I hope they treat her well , I hope she’s gonna be happy 🙂
miss her already!!It breakes my heart to give them away!god…i wish i was nt this emotional…n this is exactly y i fear to fall in love with the lil furry babies……im left heart broken………

mmm……!but somewhere deep in is a g…ood feeling too ..she’s found a home ..away from the “life” on the street :):)


6 thoughts on “Mushii found a home :):P

      • cool…good work..I was praying for this puppy. I know the feeling..I just found a home for a foster kitten of ours & its a great feeling!! Hard tho to give them up. U r like me we get so attached. Again good work!!! People like u & ur org make sucha difference. Im proud to live here. Im not frm here but proud to be here b/c of ppl like u. You’ve inspired me too.

  1. we can see the God in you, since you are doing the good job by keeping and loving the ones…who cannot express anything other than being faithful and lovable to mankind.

    Thanks With Regards,
    Meera N Vasista.

  2. in this world of extreme inhumanity, hats off to ‘lets live together who have thought about the most helpless creatures, the homeless dog. it’s a acute agony for me to see the street dogs being tortured and killed by merciless people.
    we have four street dogs at our home. I fight with every individual who pelt stones or beat the street dog.
    why human beings feel that since they have the power to speak and are physically better off than the other creatures should exercise a devilish right to torture..
    you have done an immensely heavenly job. I wish I could contribute to this NGO in whichever way possible and be a part of this most noble mission, the likes of which i have been aspiring to be a part of…

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