Let’s Live Together LAUNCHES, Indian Sundays!

THE HINDU:Pet Pals — Indian Sundays

Adopt an Indian puppy from Let's Live Together, a Bangalore-based NGO 

Adopt an Indian puppy from Let’s Live Together, a Bangalore-based NGO

Bangaloreans who want to add a four-legged member to their families will love the Indian Sundays that are coming up. Let’s Live Together, a non-profit founded by graphic designer Achala Paani will organize a weekly puppy adoption camp on Sundays between 10 am and 4 pm, wherein healthy, adorable Indian puppies are given to genuine dog lovers along with a gift to wish them a happy future. A medical coupon that entitles the adopted pup to one free check-up, a free de-worming session and an anti-rabies shot is presented to them during the adoption.

Let’s Live Together (LLT) has a fast-growing network of delighted Indian dog owners and has facilitated 130 adoptions in less than two years. Those who have adopted these puppies often come back to LLT to adopt a second companion animal stating that the experience was a positive one for the whole family.

Achala who is in touch with these doting owners receives a flood of emails and photos from them and says – “There is an increase in the number of people who specifically ask for Indian puppies. They are not just getting a dog. They’re saving a life”. She recommends adoption of female puppies as it’s a one-step method to save hundreds of lives. “By adopting a female, they save that particular pup and by arranging for her birth control surgery at the right age, they are preventing hundreds of generations of homeless animals. It’s a hassle-free medical procedure. If all of us did this, there would not be a single dog left on the streets”.

LLT’s family of Indian dog lovers has become a large community that is spreading the message about compassion towards animals. They looked past concepts like breed and certification and chose to see the hope in the eyes of homeless Indian puppies. And now, everyone in the city can experience this on Indian Sundays.

(For more information on Indian Sundays at Let’s Live Together, call 9986413916 or email letslivetogether.in@gmail.com)



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