The Joy Of Giving week at Let’s Live Together

Let’s Live Together would like to thank Bangalore Cares for giving us a brilliant platform to spread the word about our cause during the joy of Giving week.

 Let’s Live Together was glad to be present at the food for Change Gala event as the only the animal welfare organization among the main stream human welfare organizations. This magnificent opportunity was only possible because of a few generous donors. We would like to extend a special thank you to Mrs Priya chetty, Mr Amarnath, Mr Raguvir, Mr Ravi and Mr Santosh for their generosity and support. 

The above basket was a lovely surprise from our young volunteer Lipika. Along with her friends in school, she tirelessly collected food from all the children for our puppies. We would like to thank Vidya Nikethan School, Hebbal for setting an example for being socially responsible, animal friendly and supportive as a school. We hope that more schools come forward to inspire young minds to think to make change. We would also like to thank all the parents for encouraging their children to support us.

The above bundle of goodies was donated by two ardent animal lovers, Satvick and Shalini. Lets Live Together would like to thank them for their immense love and trust in us. These goodies will help Lets Live Together supply food for our registered foster homes to look after our rescued puppies.


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