A Visit to the Ejipura Slum

Hi Everyone,

I visited the Ejipura slum today. I was hoping that I would have some volunteers but everyone backed out since it was a Sunday. Yasmine and JP who have been helping the animals around, showed me the pIaces in detail. While numerous families have been displaced , many of these have animals. Some of them are also dog breeders with numerous animals to take care of. We met one such family that was still very keen on helping the dogs that they had. With a lack of manpower and resources, . I am so glad that I went because I discovered that there was a way I could help the animals that were also at the receiving end of all this turmoil. I have decided to adopt an approach where I help out one set of individuals at a time. At this point this family is looking after 8-10 dogs, some who have been abandoned by owners as well. One of the dogs has a litter of 7 young puppies who still haven’t ever opened their eyes, Two others are pregnant. A good friend of mine Rohini came along later and We have passed on food for the dogs so that is now taken care of.

Just as we were about to leave a family abandoned a puppy saying they didn’t want her anymore since there were in no state to take care of her and I ended by getting her home. I have named her “Eji” as she’s from the Ejipura slum.


Here is my list of a possible course of action:
1. Look for a veterinarian who can spend a good 6 hours at the location. There are several dogs that are in a terrible state. Broken bones, some with severe canine distemper, a few with horrible skin infections. A mobile ambulance would also be good.
2. Some of the dogs have to be neutered and we need to arrange for that.
3. Adoption of the dogs that the families want to willingly give up.
Help please !

I’m roping in Yasmine, JP and Rohini , who will be a part of this course of action. 

Please pass the word around as, “Eji” needs to find a foster home ASAP, Also here are pictures of Prashant and his family, I am aiming to help this family first. 

Posting these photographs so efforts are not duplicated.

Please let us know on how you can pitch in. 
A report by Achala Paani.

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