A special volunteer….


Some “volunteers” are really special, they are an inspiration to stay strong and work harder..
With just a few months of working with Let’s Live Together, she turned vegan to speak up for animals and she continues to do so inspite of the distance, that parts us.

Here’s Ranjitha writing to us, about her special fundraiser for Let’s Live Together, all the way from Germany.
Thank you girl for all that you do for the animals.

Read on, stay inspired!

I have been volunteering for Let’s Live Together for quite sometime now. Its so wonderful working with Achala. I have never seen anyone so commited to a cause like Achala is to Let’s Live Together. Achala has truly inspired me ever since I started working with her.
When I moved to Germany a year ago I started missing working with Let’s Live Together. The adoption camps especially. (There are no dogs on the streets of Germany and as a student I cannot afford to have a dog. ) I felt bad that I am not able to help Achala or Lets Live Together in any way. I really missed working with the dogs and cats. I dreaded to be in the company of those animals again. Then one day I came across a job ad for a dog walker here.
The ad excited me to no extent! The feeling of being with the company of a dog for a while made me very happy. I decided to take this job and donate the money from the job to Let’s Live Together thereby doing my bit for the animals.
This made me realize distance is never an issue when you really want to help. No matter how far you are there are many ways you can help the animals in need.

Ranjitha with Elsa!


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