Our Awareness Campaigns

Our message!
Adoption and ABC are the only sensible solutions to the street dog issue that our society has.
People buying BREED DOGS have no right to talk about the street dog issue because they are the biggest contributors to the Problem.
For a lot of you reading this ,it is easy to move on to the next page and either look for more to read case is looked or just find the whole damn thing boring….but its LIFE we talking about here….if I have touched at least a few hearts here…I  plead.


PLZZZZZ…..ADOPT THE “homeless“


Our Ad campaigns!

Please THINK TWICE!Campaign 1 : They DONT Choose to be Stray , They are made One!!

39 thoughts on “Our Awareness Campaigns

  1. hey gr8 story achala!! n m really impressed with ur service for those sweet helpless creatures.ppl like u r nuthin less than angels, for those poor little creatures…m sure they bless u a lot of happiness n success.

  2. Hey!! Madam,

    How’s life there??

    Nice to see people like u come forward to have time N key down such caring notes about the unknown strayed life of small pupps and their caretakers. Really impressed wit the way u have tried to catch the attention by describing it in the words of tht small puppy’s thot..

    Like to see more of ur words which can be rallied into real action and person like me could be a well support for such responsive act.

    God Bless!! Keep Smiling!!
    Keshav Soni.

  3. Hey Achala, I m so touched by this…I hav no words to put here, I m gonna spread this to as many as I can…keep going lady…God bless u. there r very few who can really hear what animals want to say, u r one of those angels…KEEP GOING. TC

  4. hi achala
    we are a group of friends in hyderabad and want to start work like yours here too. would like to talk with you about it. can you tell me agood time to call u
    thanks and bye

  5. Its the first time I am seeing such a well designed blog with amazing photographs(they are very well thought of and make your message loud and clear)…..It is good that people like u are taking the initiative and spreading awarness….
    keep the good work on!

  6. We stay near Whitefield, on the outskirts of Bangalore. People find our area a convenient spot to dump dogs/pups. Far from being lovable, these animals have become a menace and pose a threat to our safety.
    You have an opportunity to accomplish your mission by adopting all of these dogs. We invite you to come to:
    SOUKYA Health Centre, Soukya Road, Samethanahalli, Whitefield, Bangalore 67

  7. Needless to say you guys are doing a great job…it really take a lot of gumption to care for the mute animals…and to balance nature, people like Philip will exist who instead of handling the situation by themselves will go out dishing their address….but, can’t blame him…human beings are callous….they don’t even care for human beings forget an animal…
    wish you guys all the very best….

  8. Hi this is Saswati Dutta from Mumbai,Maharashtra.I just got thru the article and without seeing without meeting the puppy,I fell in love with her.I am an animal lover..But I prefer stray animals rather than pure breeds.Street dogs arre truelly very ill treated in our country and few animal lovers like us cannot make changes in their lives.The governtment has to take some action and there should be rule in our country that animals should not be beaten or killed..
    I have a 9 months old stray dog puppy at my home and her name is Cherry.Cherry is fully white in colour and is very pretty.Just imagine what a stray dog can be if they are taken good care of?

    • Sure Saswati…If taken care of..we can sure solve the street dog problem sensibly n of course we as individuals can’t change the nation but together we can bring in change of attitude that wil inturn save the lives of the innocent.Even as an individual u can make miracles happen!Just go on…and don’t bother about what people say as long as ur right and u don’t hurt anyone!

  9. hey,
    i’m very impressed with wat ur doing !i luv dogs and help a few on the road i’m 14 and cannot acommodate the dogs .wat shud i do?
    thanks pls reply

  10. hats off for doing such a great job…the job u r doing now is really good n i wish it continues without any obstacles.I would like to ask u one thing as u ve started adoption thought and ve been able to achieve success thro it,can there be a plan put for feeding stray dogs… as many dogs are in very bad condition as they are big dogs they can’t be adopted.I hope u come up wit an idea.

  11. Gr8 Job ! Let me know how can I help. I have written an email too.

    @Philip: why don’t you join this organization and help them to get the pups adopted !


  12. hi
    i love animals-especially dogs
    i have always wanted a dog(STREET DOG) but i have not able 2 get1 DUE 2 VARIOUS REASONS

    so i would like 2 b part of the project by any means
    i want 2 do things so that all the dogs on the street get a home like we all do have

    • Hello Ashwini,
      Sure, would be our pleasure to have u join us…you could drop by at our office , register as a volunteer and we wil keep u posted with our events.
      thank you
      Achala. Paani

    • Sure, nice to know that u are willing to join us .you could drop by at our office , register as a volunteer and we wil keep u posted with our events.
      thank you
      Achala. Paani

  13. I would like to know whether u give shelter to puppies on the street facing danger from other adult dogs and humans..

    • Hello Shaji, Nop we do not take in puppies as we don’t have a shelter.we help people find homes for puppies if they do foster the puppies for a while.
      thank you
      Achala. Paani

  14. Hello Achala ….this is latha , im an animal lover too , i always wanted a puppy
    I was so glad when i heard about lets live together
    I would like to know when your next puppy adoption camp is…..

    Thank you …..looking forward for your reply 🙂 🙂

    • hello latha,wonderful to know that u wish to adopt a puppy, u have just got in touch at the write time , our next adoption camp is on the 29th may the coming sunday…do drop by at our office , u can get the ofice addresss from this blogitself or u could call me on 9986413916 for directions…cya sonn then , have about 30 pups waiting to be taken home.

  15. Its so good to know that there are others just like me out there. I would go to ANY extent to save stray dogs. It’s absolutely repulsive the way they’re all treated- especially in India.
    Please do not hesitate to give me a call if you want help finding homes for puppies, cause im more than willing to help out. Lets put an end to their misery =]

  16. I think it’s amazing what you’re doing. I have always believed that true dog lovers should give a stray dog a home rather than looking for some fancy breed to buy. I want to help any way i can – even the cleaning up after the camps sounds good:-) Meanwhile, will spread word about your cause.
    Keep saving lives!

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