Why adopt from Lets Live Together ?

WHY adopt from Lets Live Together?????

  • We rescue HOMELESS puppies from the street.
  • These rescued puppies are fostered by our network of amazing foster Mommies and foster Daddies who look after the pups for a month or two or until the pups find a permanent loving home.
  • In these Foster homes, the puppies stay healthy, clean, and of most importance, they get used to the environment at home so that they are ready to be adopted.
  • The puppies will also be vaccinated at the right age as well.
So now that you have decided to Adopt a gorgeous Indian puppy from Lets Live Together, How do you go about adding a furry bundle of joy to your family??
Well…its quite a simple procedure.
  • You need to check out the puppies up for adoption on the website and choose one of our beautiful babies. You could also mail us at llt.adoption@gmail.com and we will send you the snaps and details of all the pups up for adoption.( or choose from the many puppies up for adoption  at our adoption camps)
  • Call our adoption coordinator at 9986413916 to decide on the time and place where you can meet the pup.
  • We encourage the whole family to be present during the adoption.
  • Fill up an adoption form and pay a mandatory donation fee of Rs 500 which would help us cover the expenses of all the puppies that come into Lets Live Together.
  • You will be provided instructions on looking after the pup along with a medical coupon which could be used to avail free vaccinations as per our medical coupon scheme.
  • Finally, a family photo with the new member is taken and then you take home a companion for life..!!!!

2 thoughts on “Why adopt from Lets Live Together ?

    • Hi Anirudh,

      Its great to know that you want to help us out at Let’s Live Together. Please fill up this Volunteer form so that we can get in touch with you when we have puppies for fostering. Also, please send us a mail regarding your fostering capabilities ie details like how long you can foster, how many puppies you can foster, etc to llt.adoption@gmail.com.

      Thank you

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