Why adopt an Indian Puppy ?


Because Indian dogs are…

  •  Medium sized
  •  Have short coat, needs comparatively little grooming
  •  Adaptable
  •  Friendly in nature
  •  Highly intelligence
  •  Highly trainable
  •  Exhibit good health as they have evolved for survival
  •  Have highly territorial instincts making them good watchdogs
  •  Independent
  •  Extraordinarily loyal and devoted to their family
  •  If vaccinated and cared for properly, fed a well-balanced diet, they will rarely need to see a vet
  • Not predisposed to develop any particular ailment


B y adopting an Indian dog, YOU WILL…

  • Better an animal’s life
  • Also promote the idea of adopting an Indian dog and create awareness among people
  • Reduce dog over population crisis


4 thoughts on “Why adopt an Indian Puppy ?

  1. Yea its a great cause, since I already have a dog and can’t keep another one as my dog is possessive, I will surely spread awareness among people to adopt Indian dogs. And if any other help you require, pls let me know, i am always available for my furry friends even if i cannot adopt one myself, but my next pup definitely will be an Indian breed. Indrani Basu

    • Thank you so much. Spreading the word about our Indian dogs and sensitizing people about them is of prime importance.Hope you can do the same and make a difference in the lives of our Indian Dogs.

  2. I totally agree with this. I had 3 Indian dogs and they had very high immunity, never ever needed a doctor, were very low maintenance and soooo full of loyalty, love and affection. Sadly we had to move and since then have been in ‘no pets’ zone due to the area rules. Luckily have shifted now and looking forward to adopt lovable pups soon 🙂

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