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Dr.B.Vijayakumari and Achala Paani are the 2 Founders of Let’s Live Together. Dr.B.Vijayakumari, Achala Paani's mother an Ayurvedic, Acupuncture Doctor by profession is an alternative medical practitioner, she treats all the animals that Let’s Live Together rescues, apart from her alternative therapy for pet animals. Achala Paani a graphic designer by profession, has been an Animal Activists since the 16 years. A Vegan since the last 14 years.She has received the following awards for her social work in the field of animal welfare, since the time she started the NGO, Let’s Live Together. • The Young Achievers Award by The Brigade Group & Rotary Bangalore Midtown on Nov 20th 2010 in Bangalore. • N.K Pillai Foundation award By (CSIM) Center for Social Initiative Management. Fellowship for the year 2010 -2011, in bangalore. • Fun, Fearless Female Award by Cosmopolitan Magazine on March 5th 2011 in Mumbai. • The Nava Kiran award for the Outstanding women of the state award by the Women's International Network on March 6th 2011 in Bangalore.

Bhoomi :)

While our heart goes out to the thousands of puppies that go unseen and unnoticed every year, this is one such case that tore our heart apart. A puppy as tiny as her yet as brave as no other. This is the story of Bhoomi, a puppy Let’s Live Together rescued on the 28th of Jan, 2018. She was run over by a speeding truck and luckily made it alive while one of her siblings passed away. The people in the locality took her in and gave her shelter in their compound. When we found her, she was all rolled up in a corner with a completely smashed paw, So tiny, so fragile yet so brave. She was in deep pain and needed immediate medical care.

We took her in soon as we found her and rushed her to the hospital. The vet suspected her to be weak and suggested a blood test. Hours later the blood test revealed that she wasn’t fit enough for immediate surgery.

She needed a new dressing every second day and after 3 full weeks of homeopathy treatment her platelet count went up and we were able to get her surgery done. Sadly the doctor had to remove her entire front limb as there was no way of saving it.


She is safe with us now and will need months of care to completely stabilize.

If you wish to donate for her care:  Please donate through the link below.





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Sorry the images are graphic, but please read ahead to save the puppy.

When im driving around and I see mother dogs and puppies i make sure i feed some biscuits, usually.

I stopped by to feed a litter yesterday afternoon, but this was no usual case. The neighbours called me in asking me to check on an injured pup. I went in to see a tiny little pup cuddled up in a corner on a gunny sack. Apparently the pup was run over in the morning(yesterday). The people were nice enough to have taken her to a govt vet for first aid, but the vet there suggested amputation for one of the front paws that was completely smashed by a speeding vehicle.

Not one cry or howl, she’s just been curled up and sleeping. I asked the family to care for her through the night and took her to Dr Lohit, early this morning. The doctor suspected her to be extremely anemic because of blood loss and suggested a blood test first to see if she can even cope with surgery. Sadly her hemoglobin and her platelet count is very very low and there’s no way she can make it through a big surgery unless she first gets healthy. So she’s back to Let’s Live Together’s office now and my mom, Dr. Vijayakumari a homeopathic and accupunture doctor who treats all our rescues will treat her for the next few weeks to make sure her platelet count goes up. Figures crossed. Really hope she makes It through.
Please DONATE for her surgery and care. Just her dressing and blood test itself came up to 1500rs today. Her dressings, blood tests, surgery, post care,vaccinations supplements, are going to be expensive. 

You can make an online donation to save the puppy. (kindly mention your phone no as a reference). You can send in your donations to:

Account Name: Let’s Live Together 

Account Number: 31266452433

IFSC Code: SBIN0007080 

Bank Name: SBI, Malleswaram.


Send us a donation through PayTM on 95351 42554 or 9986413916

Donations above rs1000 will get a tax exemption under section 80g of the income tax act.
Please send us a msg on 9986413916 after your donation so that we can confirm.

Thank you so much.

Achala Paani.

Founder Director

Let’s Live Together.


Volunteer and save a life!!

Have sometime over weekends and want to do something for homeless animals?? Come volunteer!! Join our different teams according to your interests. Drop by at our office tomorrow(2nd Dec) morning at 11am, register as a member and join our teams.

Leave us a msg on 9986413916. We are near  Devaiyapark(Srirampuram metro station is the closest landmark), Bangalore, India.