On 17th May 2015, Thousands of Indians run in the TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2015, we invite you to “RUN” for a cause, we invite you to RUN for Indian dogs! Write to us for more info on the registration, to llt.causeforpaws@gmail.com.



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2013, February 8th – 10th, Free Spay and Neuter drive in Bangalore by Humane Society International and Lets Live Together.

858604_10151295085200679_458437202_o63 surgeries in 3 days ,an excellent team of doctors from HSI , the Humane Society International with Lets Live Together’s Team at our Spay and Neuter drive in Bangalore.
A true honor to have worked with the HSI team.These 63 dogs will not contribute to the over population of homeless dogs 🙂 in Bangalore. Absolutely worth all the effort put in to make this event happen :), Thanks to (HSI) The Humane Society International for being so supportive without whom this drive would have still been a dream, thanks to all the responsible owners who got their dogs for the drive and a “huge” hug to my team of dedicated volunteers.
— Achala Paani.

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Let’s Live Together’s puppy Adoption Camp : 6th January, 2013

The 6th of January 2013 was the lucky day for OREO. Let’s Live Together would like thank everyone who prayed for our baby, “OREO” to find her “loving home” , “THE” home we all have been waiting for, “THE” home she can call as hers now. She was one among the 14 gorgeous Indian puppies who found homes at Lets Live Together monthly adoption camp.

Let’s Live Together would like to thank pedigree for their constant support and for providing gift bags to all the adopters. A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who made the event possible !!

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Photos Courtesy of Sharath Ramanna Photography