2013, February 8th – 10th, Free Spay and Neuter drive in Bangalore by Humane Society International and Lets Live Together.

858604_10151295085200679_458437202_o63 surgeries in 3 days ,an excellent team of doctors from HSI , the Humane Society International with Lets Live Together’s Team at our Spay and Neuter drive in Bangalore.
A true honor to have worked with the HSI team.These 63 dogs will not contribute to the over population of homeless dogs 🙂 in Bangalore. Absolutely worth all the effort put in to make this event happen :), Thanks to (HSI) The Humane Society International for being so supportive without whom this drive would have still been a dream, thanks to all the responsible owners who got their dogs for the drive and a “huge” hug to my team of dedicated volunteers.
— Achala Paani.

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