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Head Office Address: No 30, 3rd main, Karthik Clinic, Rammohanpuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092.

Visiting Hours : Monday to Saturday: 11am to 3 pm

Adoption Coordinator :  9986413916
To get in touch with us, please fill out the form below.

38 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • Hello Praveen,
      The next puppy adoption camp in Sankey tank will be on the 6th of November 2011.
      However, we are having an adoption camp on the 10th of September at St.JOSEPH’S PU COLLEGE,
      Gen.K.M.CARRIAPPA ROAD as well.

  1. Hi Friends,

    Thanks to you all for wonderful work done for dogs. I reviewed through the adoption webpage and it did not give me the information on when the post was hosted and how old the puppies are now? I have adopted two dogs year and half ago and they are living with us and doing great. Now one of my friend is interested to have a dog as part of his family and he is willing to adopt. Could you please email me list of puppies which are available for adoption in bangalore aged between 30 to 90 days?

    • Hello Lokesk,

      Its great to know that you have adopted two of our Indian Dogs!!! Also, all the pictures of the pups for adoption are posted keeping in mind the age of the pups mentioned. Most of the information about the pups mentioned are accurate, To get more details of the puppies up for adoption , Please send us mail at . We will also get in touch with you about your queries through email soon.

      Thank you .

  2. Hi,
    Dear Friend’s

    This is kanhaiya here from bangalore ,
    swa the your work pics on facebook page , from there i come to know about u guys ,
    I will love to join u guys , because i am a animal lover 🙂
    I filled the form and from there u can get my all details …..

    Waiting for the your call


  3. Hi Achala,

    Thanks a lot for doing such a great and wonderful work for OUR INDIAN dogs. I am also a dog lover. I live in New Delhi..and try to help these homeless dogs in all the possible ways i can( though i have got bitten by them twice..!!). I feed all the dogs that live in and around our locality almost daily. They all are grown-up adults now. I would love to adopt an INDIAN puppy from your organization..but i know that’s not possible as i live Delhi. So, i want your help on this. Can u suggest me some other NGO’s in Delhi which work in the similar that i can get in touch with them..or are there any future plans of yours holding an adoption camp in Delhi..??

    All the very best to u.
    Waiting for your reply
    Thank you

  4. Living in Surya City, Chandapura, Bangalore…on our short dead end street here there are usually 5 -6 adult strays and 5 puppies. We are trying to feed them all twice per day, but it is
    very difficult and the neighbors are not happy that so many dogs are now hanging around here. 2 of the females will soon have more pups!
    We are not in the city limits of Bangalore and understand that we cannot get help about the dogs from CUPA. Surya City is huge and I cannot imagine how many strays are in the community since on our street alone there are at least 10 and sometimes more. It is only a matter of time before a child (or an adult) is bitten.
    Please advise?
    LLT is doing a marvelous job!

  5. Hi
    I am a 10 year old girl and I am aware of the good things you people are doing to rescue homeless puppies. recently I had been to your stall at Sunday Santhe and spent some time with the lovely and cute puppies there. I am very sad that I cannot adopt a puppy now as we live in a small flat but my parents have promised to get me a puppy from you when we have more space for a puppy/dog in our house.
    In the gutter in front of my house there are 5 puppies. I feed the mother every night. But the neighborhood boys are harassing the puppies these days.

    Is there any way you can rescue them, please?

    I live on II main, Indiranagar I stage. Please take the puppies away before they get hurt badly.

    Thank you very much


    • Hello Aishwarya,

      We are glad that you are doing your part in looking after the mother. Please call us and get in touch us at 9986413916 with the issue. Also please try to take the pictures of the puppies and send them to so that we can put them up for adoption.
      Thank you so much .

    • Hi AnupamPreet,

      We operate only in Bangalore. However, there are some really good NGO’s like W.S.D , WORLD FOR ALL and Ida India in mumbai where you can volunteer and help out animals

  6. Hi I saw the article about Babe on Bangalore Mirror today. A very touching story with a happy ending 🙂 I have signed up as a volunteer. I would love to do my best to help the doggies..

  7. Hello,

    We are relatively new to the city and live on Old Airport Road where we’ve semi-adopted a stray in that we feed her a couple times during the day whenever we can. We’re not sure how old she is but she’s small in size and looks to be in pretty bad shape over the last few days.

    Does your organization only take on pups or do you also provide care and homes for older dogs? If yes, what’s the best way to bring the dog over? If not, please give us suggestions on where we can take her.

    Many thanks.


  8. hello,
    I first saw a picture of your ngo on facebook and thats how I signed up,I think you are doing a great job by rescuing these puppies.Even if I cannot adopt a puppy is there any other way I could volunteer??Apart from the puppy adoption camps??Please let me know.


    • Hi Nitya,

      Thanks a lot for your encouraging words.We hope you have filled in the volunteer form in the volunteer page in the website. Since you will specify on how exactly you can help us in the volunteer form , we will get in touch with you when we need certain jobs to be done and have other events.

    • Hi Anuradha,

      You can adopt from Let’s Live Together at the puppy adoption camp on the 2nd of September(today) at Sankey Tank near malleswaram from 8 am to 5 pm. Please give us a call at 9986413916 to get more information on the camp

  9. Hi Achala,

    I am so happy to get this NGO through facebook. I love dogs and want to do every possible thing from my side to these little friends. I can not adopt puppies because we live in an apartment that does not allow us to. So I just want to know if I could do anything to puppies and dogs through this group. I have registered myself as a volunteer. Is there anything like I can visit every week or even 3 days a week or something and feed or clean or I possibly can do anything for dogs.

    Waiting for reply,

    • Hi Anagha,

      Its great to know that you would like to help us out at Let’s Live Together. You have done the right thing by filling out the volunteer form through which you will receive updates of the activities at Let’s Live Together. To get more info on how you can help us on a daily basis, please send us a mail at

  10. I would want to know of similar organization(s) in Hyderabad. I have recently moved from Bangalore and want to get associated with something like LLT here. More than willing to donate/help/volunteer…

  11. Thanks Achala!
    The best part is that Blue Cross is very close to my work place & home.
    Take care and convey loads of love to all the babies @ LLT!!!!
    How I wish I could be with u guys in BLR…

  12. Hi Achala,

    I’ve been trying to reach out to you since morning. I rescued a puppy on my way back home yesterday and I am looking to find her a home. I cannot keep her with me as I have 2 adult dogs at home and dont want to leave her alone with them in my absence as both me and my husband are working. Need your help on this urgently. Can you please help us find a foster home for her temporarily until she is adopted by someone.


  13. Hi Achala,

    Our street has 7 dogs. I have got these dogs sterilized and feed them twice everyday for the last 2 years.Now the community has grown and lost of buildings are coming up for construction.The neighbors are not happy about the dogs being there as there are lots of kids in and around.

    I would like to know if your organisation can provide shelter to these dogs.I am ready to help in any form to help.Please suggest.


    • Hi Pallavi,

      Unfortunately, we do not have a shelter to take in any dogs. We rely on our foster care system to look after our puppies until they find a permanent home.

    • Hi ULLAS,

      We do not have any puppy adoption camps in the near future. However, please do call us at 9986413916 if you are looking to adopt a puppy from Let’s Live Together.

      Thank you,
      Let’s Live Together

  14. I am currently feeding 10 pups and 5 adult dogs. The pups are super smart and respond quickly to ‘No’ and to the tone of your voice, whether it be a reprimand or a positive tone. There are 3 of them, 2 males and 1 female, that are about 8 months old and we did have the vet come out and vaccinate them. I have photos of these three if anyone is interested. There are 7 pups that are about 2 months old, only been wormed so far. We are moving out of Bangalore at the end of February, and I am worried about the pups not being fed, as I feed them daily. I am taking 2 adults with me, and possibly 2 pups. Please, if you are already in the market for adopting a dog/pup, kindly let me know. Thank you!

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