The most vital link in our rescue process are Foster Homes
Simple, we just cannot save lives without foster homes.

Fostering is fun and very rewarding. For those new to the concept, fostering is simply the act of opening your home, your heart to one or more homeless puppies; but just until they find their “forever home” It’s a great chance for those who have always wanted to own a dog but could never have one. It gives you a peek into the puppy raising process and it is a great way to find out if you really are ready to own a puppy.

Here are a few benefits of fostering:-

  • You get to save a life that would have otherwise been out on the street at the mercy of passing cars, bad weather and cruel humans.
  • You get to be cuddled, licked, loved by a baby who thinks the world of you.You get to pamper, love, cuddle and play with a bundle of joy.
  • You get to see the change as those initially fearful and wary eyes turn to trust and love, the moment they look at you.
  • You get all the benefits of owning a puppy without having to make a long term commitment.
  • The best part is you get to do your bit from the comfort of your own house which helps us in a huge way.

A couple of points that need to be kept in mind before you agree to foster:-

  • Even if it does not mean a life long commitment, fostering a puppy for however long requires some time and hence please get into it only if you have the required time.
  • Where there are puppies, there are bound to be some puppy messes. But if you really love dogs, you will take it in the stride, just  the way a mommy never minds the little messes her baby makes.

We as Indians need to stop being “pure-breed’ obsessed and need to open our hearts to our very own Indian dogs who are just as adorable. Let us remember that they are never “stray”, we make them one by calling them so and refusing them a home. Fostering is the first step for us in finding them new homes. Fostering helps many more homeless puppies take the first step towards finding a new home. Fostering gives them a chance to go to sleep in a warm, comfortable place with full tummies.

.Fostering is an amazingly enriching experience. It will teach you to be more patient, to be more selfless and giving. It will teach you to love deeper, to love again and again and more than anything, it will teach you never to lose hope.We have fostered numerous babies till date but we have a really long way to go. We need many more helping hands to take this forward

It is our sincere and heartfelt appeal to all of you out there who have a little time, a little space and a little love to spare. Do come forward and contact us to foster a baby. Believe us, you will never regret it.

After all, until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

14 thoughts on “Foster

  1. Dear LLT Team,

    I am amazed at the initiative and totally inspired by your work. being an ardent animal lover, I know how helpless I felt at times when I came across stray dogs and pups…but now I know there is a way to make a difference actively

    I am super enthused by the prospect of being able to contribute my time and care for one by being a foster parent.Eventually I would be interested in actively volunteering, be it my skills or time 🙂

    I would love to be able to pitch in towards a cause so close to my heart. I would appreciate if I could discuss further in this regard.

    Eagerly looking forward to hearing from you soon. God bless you guys!

    lots of love,

    • Hi Aruna,
      Its great that you want to volunteer at Lets Live Together and help us out . Please fill in the Volunteer form so that we can get in touch with you when we have adoption camps and other events. You can also follow us on facebook to know more about our events in the near future

    • Hi Mohan,

      Please call our adoption coordinator at 9986413916 to know more about the puppies available for adoption at Let’s Live Together.
      You can also look at the picture of puppies for adoption by clicking on this link.

  2. hi
    i have 2 street puppies and i want to adopt them. is there any legal procedure for this and if there is plz tell me about it.and also i want to know about the time in which they should get vaccinated and about all their vaccinations.
    plz reply soon

    • Hi Alankrita,

      Its great to know that you are adopting Indian puppies. You do not have any legal procedure to follow to adopt them. However, please get a license for them from BBMP since it is compulsory for all pet dogs.
      With respect to the vaccinations, it is recommended to start them when they are about 6-8 weeks of age. However, it is better to consult a veterinarian since it may differ based on the current health condition of the puppy.

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