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  1. It was so heartening to see your work. Keep it up. Couple of us friends too care for the street dogs and I myself have four of them at home. I vaccinate them and deworm them regularly so that they are healthy. I give them a bath once in a while (whenever I can catch hold of them). Now two of them sleep inside the compound but have got ticks. I hqve not been able to give them a bath as I am nursing a small baby. I wanted to know if you are aware of places/people who can come and give these a bath. My dad is asthmatic and I am worried his condition might worsen if they are cleaned regularly. I am ready to pay for the services. Please do help me to continue taking care of my darlings.
    Once I am able to get away from my little one I will mys elf be more involved in their care.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Srilakshmi,
      It’s great to know that you are looking after Indian Dogs. We are very grateful for your concern about our Indian Buddies. Unfortunately, we do not know anyone who could come and give your dogs a bath. However, I would suggest that you rope in a few animal Loving friends and give them a good bath.!!!

      • hi srilakshmi,
        i know of this one person, who used to take my dogs for walks (mine are indian dogs). One of our neighbours gets her dogs bathed by him, twice a month. he is a v.nice person, so, u could just ask him, if he would do it, his name is Balu. he is a dog trainer, but he takes up other jobs also. his contact number is 9945759040. Happy to hear about your love for our indian dogs.

  2. Hi,

    Excellent work done by the team! My hearty congratulations for your interest & acheivements… But, is your team restricted to Bangalore/Mysore? Not in Chennai? If yes, Please let me know if you are expanding your wings to Chennai. I would like to join!

    Please keep me informed, I am interested! Else, if you know similar groups working towards this great cause in Chennai- do write to me. You can reach me anytime through my email.


    All the best team!!

    • Hi Chandrakumar,

      Thanks a lot . Its only the satisfaction of helping the unfortunate homeless babies and encouragement from animal lovers like you which keeps us going.Unfortunately we are based only in Bangalore and do not have any plans of expanding our reach yet. However, you can directly help us through your generous donations. These are the bank details.
      You could send in your donations to :
      Account name : Let’s Live Together
      Account no : 31266452433
      Bank name : SBI bank , Malleswaram

      Also, Blue Cross of India works a lot for the welfare of Indian Dogs in Chennai with whom you could get in touch and volunteer.

  3. Do you have any boarding facilities for dogs? Me and my family will not be in town in the first week of June and wish to leave our 8 year old “Pinto”, a CairnTerrier-LhasaApso cross in a good boarding facility with reasonable charges. I stay in Rajajinagar 2nd Stage, about 5-10 min away from your place.
    If you do not have any boarding facilities, please recommend one that you know of which is nearby and would take good care of Pinto.

  4. i would like to contribute to the organisation by helping in it’s working. i would like to volunteer for the organisation but my obstacle is that i am staying in kanpur. kindly tell me as to how can i contribute and if there is any branch of yours in the north India.

    • Hello shubhangi,

      We are an NGO based in Bangalore and unfortunately we do not have any branch in north India.
      However, you could help us immensely through your generous donations.
      Below are the details of our bank account.
      Account name : Let’s Live Together
      Account no : 31266452433
      Bank name : SBI bank , Malleswaram, Bangalore

  5. Dear Achala,
    I am very passionate towards this cause and I am available to volunteer and take care of the pups on a daily basis.
    I have already filled up the volunteer form.
    kindly let me know if there is some way that i can get involved full time in this cause.

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