Puppies for Adoption at Let’s Live Together’s Foster Homes !!

WHY adopt from Lets Live Together?????

  • We rescue HOMELESS puppies from the street.
  • These rescued puppies are fostered by our network of amazing foster parents who look after the pups for a month or two or until the pups find a permanent loving home.
  • In these Foster homes, the puppies stay healthy and of most importance, they get used to the environment at home so that they are ready to be adopted.
  • The puppies will also be vaccinated at the right age as well.

So now that you have decided to Adopt a gorgeous Indian puppy from Lets Live Together, How do you go about adding a furry bundle of joy to your family??

Well…its quite a simple procedure.

  • You need to check out the puppies up for adoption on the website and choose one of our beautiful babies.
  • or You could also mail us at llt.adoption@gmail.com and we will send you the snaps and details of all the pups up for adoption.( or choose from the many puppies up for adoption  at our adoption camps)
  • Call our adoption coordinator at 9986413916 to decide on the time to come meet the pup.
  • Drop by at our adoption center: The Indi Dog HUB for adoption.
  • We encourage the whole family to be present during the adoption.
  • Fill up an adoption form and pay a minimum donation fee of Rs 2000 which would help us cover some of expenses for the puppies that come into Lets Live Together(You can donate more to support our work).
  • Finally, a family photo with the new member is taken and then you take home a companion for life..!!!!

65 thoughts on “Puppies for Adoption at Let’s Live Together’s Foster Homes !!

    • Hey malleka, i went through ur blog…wonderful site, awesome work!we surely should work together,I sent u a mail..quite sometime back.Did u get it?

  1. I also think these 2 things would help the street dog issue:
    1) mass sterilization of street dogs. But more gov’t funding & private donations are needed.
    2) Encourage & promote the adoption of adult indian dogs too,not only the puppies

    Kind Regards. Im proud of your organization!!!

    • I soo agree with u Natalie..and i wish it could be worked ..mass sterlization is the only sensible solution to the misery of the dogs on the street apart from adoption.yet again when we talk about adoption …it would make more sense to have the adult dogs adopted too .Atleast the ones who are abandoned by irresponsible owners, but its a tough task..natalie, unfortunately most people around won’t mind talking a adult breed than the ones of our native breed.I hope that changes..i hope someday people would be more open to share their homes with our Indian dogs, if that could happen…our dogs would sure get to see heaven on earth!

  2. if ppl cant adopt an adult then at least they should feed, sterilize the dogs on the street. Every little thing will help. I like the concept of a community dog cuz not everyone is in a position to adopt and bring the dog into the home. Cupa has some veyr nice adult dogs up for adoption if ppl are scared to take an adult off the street. Ppl everywhere in the world would rather have a breed dog than a mixed dog. In cAnada it is the case too. But at least there are some more ppl in canada there willing to adopt mix breeds than in India. Id never buy a pure breed dog again after living in india & fostering indian dogs. Im bringing back one to Canada.

  3. Hi Dog Lovers

    I have 8 pups that are looking for a home to be called their own. These pups are of a stray dog that I had adopted few months back. However they are very beautiful, friendly and loving. Please contact me immediately for them R plz help to find home for them
    looking forword for dog lover calls
    Harsha 9844774579

    • hello harsh…we plan fr a adoption camp sometime soon this month…end ..will give u a call, u could mean while mail me the pics of the puppies that have to be adopted!will put it up here and u can get them over fr the camp.how old are the babies ????

  4. HI madam
    thank’s for replying
    now the puppye’s r 2months old r very play full
    i have 1months old photos wil take shortly the now snpas & wil send u
    here ma contact 9844774579 num plz inform me before 2 r 3 days madam so i could make me free from job & come for camp..
    madam if u dont mind can i have ur num??

  5. Hey Achala,

    I just happened to see your website and I am already hooked on to it…..I am Ayesha Mukherjee and living andworking in Bangalore near the Old Airport area. I stay with my mother and originally from Kolkata. I love dogs and I am crazy for stray pups as they have loads of love to offer. I need your help and advice as I want to adopt a pup and don’t know how to go about it….

    Please do let me know how to do the same. I also want to be associated with your awsome team. Hep in that area also please.

    Awaiting your response. My number 9980070248.

    Ayesha Mukherjee

  6. Hi Achala,

    When is the adoption camp going to happen?. My pet dog was attacked and killed by stray dogs yesterday. The pet was around 10 yrs old. We are planning to have a pet. Remembered some one saying of this adoption camps. Please let me know more regarding this. My contact no is 9845987112. I am in south bangalore.


  7. Me, my wife, and my mother are eagerly looking for a stray pup to adopt for. Mom even tried to alure one from a mother with 5 more pups, but it seems they all are happy enough to eat at our house and not to come to our lap. 🙂

    Seriously, looking for welcoming a new kid, with a tail. Please, we dont want to take a pup who is still on mother’s milk. It’ll be cruelty.

    Please inform, if any such opportunity arises.

    You can call 080 23197459

  8. Hi,
    I read an article ‘pet pasl’ in ‘THE HINDU’ today. I wish to adopt a puppy. Can someone please help me contact the concerned person for that.
    IT Analyst,

  9. This is a fantastic job that you guys are doing. I would like to adopt 2 pups, but will do so mid December.
    I have been baby sitting my friends dogs when they go out of station. I sure can foster some of yours. however, just to let you know, I live in an apartment. But since I work from home, I have time at hand to be present for the dog and walk the dog many times in a day.
    I can be contacted via email if required.
    It will be a pleasure to be able to help you guys.

  10. hai, this is abi.i am planning to adopt a dog.i’m sure to adopt it by next year between the months of june and december.so can u say me the procedures n conditions?and what i should do?………….i also want to order 2011 calender pls say how 2 order that also…?

    • Hi Abirami,

      Its great to know that you are looking to adopt a pup. In order to adopt a pup, you need to come to one of our adoption camps or to our office to fill up an adoption form and pay a donation of Rs 500. We will also counsel you on the basics of looking after a puppy.
      To know more about adopting a puppy from Lets Live Together, you can call us at 9986413916.
      And you can send us a mail to letslivetogether.in@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you on the details regarding the Calendar.

    • Hi rama ,

      You can get in touch with Blue Cross of India in Chennai to adopt a Pup. Also, you may as well adopt a pup from the street in salem itself, you would be saving a precious life..!!!!!

  11. Hi friends
    its great work animals also our part of life from the beging .I have to 2 dogs and i want tohave one more .

    • HI Ashok,

      It’s amazing that you are looking for another dog to join your family.You can call us on 9986413916 to talk to us on adopting a beautiful Indian puppy from Lets Live Together.

  12. SORRY.i found some puppies lieing on d roadsode under a telephone box.some one had left them in a sac r something i guess…i noticed them while leavin from school.i pleaded my parents 4 adopting tham but they said no.due to my crying my dad said that i n he ciuld c them.but i took it home n said that atleast v could vaccinate it n provide food.my dad went in 4 takin water n he came out with bare hand ,i was shocked.he said this wil not work out.it ws due to my mom that she said no 2 my dad.i said atkeast 4 carrying this 2 home provide it with water.the puppy tried 2 come in but not allowed .it jus went roamin.AM HELPLESS.sorry ach wat should i do in these kind of situations?????i need 2 help them pls suggest a way :'(:(

  13. hi achala paani, i contacted you recently for adopting a male puppy, please give me details regarding the place where i can come and take the puppy, you informed us that puppies are there in malleshwaram locality. So, give us the address of your camp in malleshwaram.

    • Hi Dinesh,

      The next puppy adoption camp will be on the 5th of August.You can also get in touch with us at 9986413916 to adopt a puppy before the camp as well. You can have a look at the ” Puppies for adoption ” page to check out the puppies available right now !!

  14. hi.. am shristi, I stay near bangalore university in sports authority of India. There r 3 puppies near my house n i want to give thm up for adoption. I donno how de procedure goes but if u telme i could come n drop them off at yor center. I dont want these puppies to just lie around n be treated badly.. i want them to get good homes. Hoping fr a reply soon.. the puppies r very cute two males n one female. i could put up pictures if u telme where i shld send thm. Thanku!! 🙂

  15. hi am Sandesh, i live in dwarka sec 11..in my society there are 6 new born stray’s dogs puppies, my societies members are not cooperative in this matter and I don’t want these puppies to just lie around n be treated badly. i want them to get good homes…the puppies are very cute.. i could put up pictures if u tel me where i should send them. Thank u!! 🙂

  16. Diz is a wonderful tin dt ull r up2 keep it goin guys 🙂

    Achala cud u lemme knw wn is de nxt adoption camp !

    • Hi Anjali,

      Please call our adoption coordinator at 9986413916 to know more about the puppies available for adoption at Let’s Live Together.
      You can also look at the picture of puppies for adoption by clicking on this link.

  17. Hi Anjali ,
    Please let us know when is the next adoption drive and where. I have a black female pup around 2mths (vaccinated) with us.

  18. hi achala !!!!!
    Ma street dogs ve given birth to 8 pups whic are vry cute !!!!!
    I would like knw if u are ready to adopt those pups plzz

    • Hi Deyvika,

      Its great to know that you want to volunteer at Let’s Live Together. Please fill up this Volunteer form so that we can get in touch with you when we have adoption camps and other events. You can also follow us on facebook to know more about our events in the near future.

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