We make them “STRAY”.

The term adoption is used very commonly today. More often associated with the aspect of families adopting children. But why do we essentially restrict this term to human beings alone?

Have you ever given a thought of adopting an animal? More commonly adopting a dog?

Most people who have dogs today are people who have purchased their “pet” from a breeder or a pet store as though a dog is an amenity. But can a living, breathing, loving being be merely considered a commodity?We all talk about stray dog issues and term it as “stray dog menace”. We leave it to appropriate authorities to deal with it and sit and crib about how there is an ever increasing population of stray dogs in our cities. But the real culprits are those people who have gone out and paid money and purchased a so called “purebred” puppy that was probably bred in the most inhumane conditions that could ever exist. Every time an individual purchases a puppy he/she denies a mongrel a home. Yes a mongrel. Those cute little puppies that you see day in and day out on the streets of every city in our country!

 Treated like rodents and abused every day of their lives. Are they not capable of being loved or giving love? Or are dogs today more of a status symbol. Something to flaunt and boast about in front of family and friends like the expensive furniture or the highly coveted painting that one may own.

 We are Indians, but then why do we shy away from bringing an Indian dog into our home. The first question that one is asked when he/she admits to having a dog is ‘What breed ?’.On one hand people claim that they are dog lovres and enjoy the company of dogs and on the other the same people discuss how much their Labrador or rotwiler cost them. Breeds that are not native to our country are given preference over our Indian dogs.  Another misunderstood aspect of the stray dog issue is that shelters are meant to be homes for dogs. Shelters provide sick, injured and homeless animals a temporary roof over their head. They cater to numerous animals in misery on a daily basis. But is it feasible or practical for them to accommodate all the animals for life. Dogs in particular.

 This is where the idea of Adoption comes in. Numerous households today are open to the idea of having an animal in their home and predominantly families prefer to have a dog since they make for such wonderful companions. Why not consider adopting Indian puppies. They are loyal, loving, and healthy. They also are best suited for our climate and are highly immune as compared to their more flamboyant counterparts. Many shelters across the city almost always have healthy puppies that desperately need homes. NGO’s in Bangalore also periodically have adoption camps for puppies where one can find a companion for life.

Many people while buying a puppy from a breeder or from “puppy mills” do not realize what harm they actually do to dogs. Breeders often are in the business for the money involved. Breeding pairs are housed in filthy cages and are regularly bred. These animals are deprived of any love and affection and are looked at as puppy producing machines. Therefore when you buy a puppy from a breeder you are actually indirectly adding to the misery of these animals.

      So if you truely want a companion animal and a friend for life, rush to the nearest animal shelter in your city and adopt an animal that desperately needs a home. 

 Will you make a difference!        


Adoption from Lets Live Together: Lets live together is promoting the concept of people adopting homeless pups then buying dogs through Project “life on the street”. Project “life on the street” is a tribute to all the not so fortunate pups who don’t find homes mainly because they are born (homeless) on the street.Lets Live Together’s actions have contributed to finding homes for more than a 1000 abandoned and distressed street pups.
We believe that ADOPTION would definately help in solving the street dog issue, sensiblily.

We strive our best to ensure that every pup which has found its way to Lets Live together gets a good home and a loving family.

These are a few from our list of babies adopted from Lets Live together. 

Choky- one eye blind, abandoned was  rehomed by letslivetogether is now a proud member of a loving family.

Choky- one eye blind,abandoned and rehomed by letslivetogether



Copper & CokkieChinga


5 thoughts on “We make them “STRAY”.

  1. hey!! a wonderful start i must say! and just what i needed. A friend kept saying we need more shelters for street dogs where they all can be holed in so that they dont trouble people. I just dint know what to say . Now i know what to tell her…Il tell her to adopt one.
    and hey! im proud to have a mongrel at home. my beloved sam! n i couldnt have got a better friend ever!!
    Keep posting!!!

  2. Hi
    Wonderful initiative
    Wud love to know if I can help out
    A friend of mine wud like to adopt a Mongrel as well
    I can be contacted at +919986044927
    Thanks and all the best for the initiative
    Talk to you soon

  3. Hi. Wonderful initiative by you guys. I would like to know if kittens are available for adoption. Preferably 2 of them. I can be contacted at 9900940221.

  4. Hi,
    Hello, maybe somebody can help me..

    I am a spanish tourist who ten days ago found in havelock island while i was waiting for the ferry to port blair a injured mongrel puppy under a coconut table in the beach.His state was very bad. We were waiting for the veterinary in havelock but he didn t come so i decided to take the puppy with me to Port Blair. There, i cancelled my flight to Chennai for the next day because kingfisher airlines didn t accept animals in the flight. I was going with Shantaram ( the name of pup) every day to the Gov. Vet. Hospital and finally bought two tickets with air India to Chennai because from Chennai i had my flight to come back to Spain Two days after.In Chennai i was all the time trying to find something good for Shantaram, because my pripose was find to him somewhere to stay until it will be able to flight to Spain with me ( In Spain asked for a lot of vacunations and health tests impossible to do because the age of the dog- only two months )I visited Blue Cross ( I had to be mad to leave my dog there i thought) after we visited a lot of ” dog residence” but was horrible..Finally, the day before of the flight to Spain we found a place, The Ark Veterinary clinique. They did a revision of the animal and his health was worst as the other veterinarys in >Port Blair told me..
    With all my pain I had to left my pup with them until in

    a few months i will go to Chennai to take it with me. The situation is very difficult for me because is very hard to inmagine your little pup,in a cage, alone and without plays and love.. So, I am trying to find someone who lives in Chennai and love animals to take for a walk my dog during this time. In the residence they do but are walks of only five minutes so all the dogs I saw were fat and sad. If you or somebody knows something or have an idea, please, let me know. Thank you and sorry about my poor english. My email is: lidialerin@hotmail.com

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