Puppies for Adoption

‚ÄčThank you for your interest in adoption.

Let’s Live Together as a policy ONLY promotes adoption of homeless puppies.(no breeds)

We do ask for an adoption donation of Rs 1000/- for each puppy.

We would need the following details.

0. Your Name ,age, profession.

1. Where do you work or study?

2. Address & phone number.

3. Details of the family living with you (canine, feline, human) and your past pets(what happened to them)

4. Experience with dogs, if any.

5. What kind of a house do you live in? Flat or an independent house? 

6. Will the dog be an indoors dog? If the dog is going to be an outdoors dog, do you have provisions for a secure fence/compound?

7. Do you live in your Own house?

8. If rented house, have you checked with the owner?

8.Age & gender preference, if any, of the homeless puppy you wish to adopt from us.

9. Reasons, if any, for wanting to adopt a rescued homeless puppy. 

10 . Are you from Bangalore?

11. If your not from Bangalore, where are you from? 

12. A brief on who would be at home looking after the puppy.
Do send all this information in a single msg.
Thank you so much.

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