Shop and Save a p

All the proceeds from the sale of our merchandise support Lets Live Together and our adoption programs.


Calendars : size(8″ X 10″) – Rs 200

Tshirts : size(XS, S, M,  L , XL., XXL) – Rs 350

Mugs – Rs 130(Small) and Rs 175( Large)

Greeting cards – Rs 20 ( Birthday, New year, Thank you, Miss you)

Badges – Rs 50

Car Stickers-Rs 20

Stickers- Rs 10

Needless to say, I’ll be honored if you (and people you know – do spread the word ) will buy it and help save lives.

Every product you buy is going to make a great deal of difference to the animals it reaches.

DESKTOP Calendars for the year 2011.

The calendar is full of puppies who have been adopted through Lets Live Together. Who’s lives have changed forever, We are hoping you would support us by buying our Calendars for the New Year to come and help us spread the message of “Joy in Saving Lives” to
the larger audience..

For Individual orders: The price of each calendar would come up to Rs 200

For Bulk orders :The price for each calendar comes to 150Rs each if placed an order in bulk and the minimum no of calendars that could be printed are 1000.The price could come down if we do print more than a 1000 copies. Your Company Logo would be printed in each of the calendars; these calendars thus reaching a larger segment of people would carry our message of adoption of our Indian dogs showing your support for the Homeless Puppies.

“You Support can make Miracles Happen”.

The money raised would completely help us save many more homeless puppies.

You could call us at 9986413916 for any details.

Just Rs 20 /-

Instead of buying a greeting card from an ordinary store……!You could make all the difference while buying it here……..u save a life and u help us spread the msg of love and adoption as u buy these cards…..!

Buy in bulk and pay lesser!!


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